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My CPE is proudly the Professional Bookkeeper and Practitioner's source of quality, affordable and industry-specific education. We specialise in both formal and informal education, from Nationally Recognised Qualifications to Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

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Our Story

My CPE Pty Ltd is proudly a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 45717) which is 100% Australian-owned and operated; we are defined by excellence in education, formal and informal. With a strong management team in place, our corporate governance extends beyond the management of the organisation to broader issues impacting the financial services industry, such as education, ethics, assurance and legislation. The organisation is committed to promoting and increasing the integrity and professionalism of the bookkeeping industry by encouraging our members to participate in formal education and CPE that will maintain, develop and promote their skills, knowledge and attributes. We consider professional development as a fundamental part of this development. We aim to provide a unique and productive service to our membership base, proudly working with individuals and corporate clients, industry specialists and educators Australia-wide to make our educational offering as beneficial as possible. The concept of the business is to delight its members with activities and events that are relevant, convenient and cost-effective with an overall satisfying experience. We can achieve this by applying consistently high standards to the way in which we interact with members, coordinate with partners and deploy resources to deliver our educational opportunities.

Our Team

The team at My CPE understand the real-world challenges of the financial services industry, specifically those impacting individuals operating in the accounting, bookkeeping and payroll professions. The lack of accessible, affordable and quality education, particularly CPE for bookkeeping professionals and practitioners, was abundantly obvious and inspired us to create a premium online service to fill the gap. The online portal we offer is designed to deliver and manage relevant, convenient and cost-effective educational opportunities for our members. Our team are highly motivated, each with significant personal experience in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, business and education. Everyone associated with My CPE is professional, positive and genuinely committed to making a difference in education for bookkeeping professionals and practitioners. The team at My CPE are currently updating their unique and individual profiles. Check back again soon for more information!

Education Committee

Vision Statement
Our vision is to ensure bookkeepers and practitioners have access to quality, current and affordable formal and informal education that empowers them to deliver services to their clients in accordance with industry standards of professional and ethical conduct.

The purpose of our Education Committee is to ensure the education we offer supports the continuing development needs of bookkeepers and practitioners. This is achieved through policies and programs that advance practitioner education and enhance professional and ethical standards within our industry. The Education Committee is charged with monitoring and coordinating education activities delivered through My CPE, and ensuring these activities enhance our learner’s professional development within five core areas – business, professional, compliance, industry and technical. The Committee are responsible for ensuring each educational activity contributes to the maintenance, development or promotion of our learner’s skill, knowledge and attributes.

Our goals are to promote excellence in the bookkeeping, accounting and payroll sectors through quality formal and informal education, applying assessment and validation processes and by promoting compliance. Join us and enjoy quality, relevant and affordable educational activities that are specifically developed with our loyal members in mind.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Industry stakeholders are important to our actions, objectives and vision, which inspires us to engage with stakeholders across the financial services industry, ranging from the recognised professional associations to the bookkeeping community and the wider industry that supports the bookkeeping profession. My CPE Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code: 45717). We specialise in the delivery of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications relevant to current and emerging bookkeepers. My CPE also maintains a registered Vocational Education and Training (VET) Partnership with the Institute of Strategic Management Pty Ltd, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (provider 91485), which enables us to deliver Nationally Recognised Training. My CPE is recognised by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) as an Approved Course Provider. The organisation maintains membership with relevant Associations in both the bookkeeping and training industries. My CPE holds membership of the Copyright Agency Limited. Each member of our management and training team holds formal qualifications and maintains current BAS or Tax agent registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). We understand our industry! My CPE embraces collaboration with industry partners that offer expertise, diversity and the ability to support our vision through innovation, commitment and dedication. Reach out if your team would like to collaborate on a particular project.

Our Aim and Commitment

Ultimately, we specialise in Education for Bookkeepers and Practitioners. Our unique organisation is built by a team of industry experts with contributions from a wider range of advocates such as RTOs, Associations and other valuable contributors to the Financial Services Industry. Our aim is to provide the most relevant, convenient and cost-effective formal and informal (CPE) educational opportunities in the market to help professionals achieve their goals, meet compliance obligations and succeed in their professional careers. If you are a registered Practitioner, Member of a Professional Association or Software Partner, you have an obligation to participate in Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Members of these organisations are required, as a condition of ongoing registration or membership, to achieve minimum levels of CPE hours. Your Continuing Professional Education should provide a foundation of knowledge, skills and professional standards that enable you to continue to develop and adjust to change throughout your professional career and deliver services to a competent standard. My CPE is the ultimate resource to manage your CPE requirements. My CPE offers the power of the cloud to access, participate, organise and store your CPE information and provide you with relevant, convenient and cost-effective CPE information and advice that will help achieve not only your CPE goals but simplify your obligations as well. We have a vast array of educational activities on offer and are continually adding to our list of activities.

Value, Quality and Convenience

Each educational opportunity delivered by My CPE provides an excellent learning outcome at a reasonable price. My CPE delivers unparalleled value-for-money CPE through our online learning portal, and webinars, and soon, we are aiming to host events at selected venues. The testimonials provided on this website have been offered by real professionals in practice, and they speak volumes. If you have feedback on our products and services, feel welcome to share!

Our educational opportunities are developed and delivered by industry experts who have years of experience and the appropriate skills and knowledge to deliver a quality learning experience. The Education Committee is charged with monitoring and coordinating all education activities delivered through My CPE and ensuring these activities enhance our learner’s professional development within four core areas – business, professional, industry and technical. The Committee are responsible for ensuring each educational activity contributes to the maintenance, development or promotion of our learner’s skill, knowledge and attributes. In accordance with the accreditations we hold, My CPE has an obligation to comply with the VET Quality Framework, including the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 (Standards) in all aspects, ensuring you get the best possible experience when you undertake formal of education with us. Our library is reviewed and updated on a regular basis by the Education Committee and validated by our RTO partner, the Institute of Strategic Management Pty Ltd (RTO 91485). Our trainers and assessors each hold vocational competencies in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Certificate IV in Bookkeeping, Certificate IV in Accounting or equivalent at a minimum. We listen and want to hear what you want! Contact My CPE if we can help you with any specific requirements.

My CPE offers the convenience of instant online CPE activities, assessment and automatic updates to your CPE Register – all in one central location. Most assessments are graded on completion so you have an immediate result. Once you’ve completed your CPE activities, a certificate will be recorded on your profile for download. If you happen to score less than the required pass mark, you will have the option to re-sit an assessment at no additional cost.

Social Responsibility Statement

My CPE is an organisation with a goal to create lasting value not just through our products and services but also through our responsible business strategies and productive stakeholder relationships. Our Social Responsibility Statement is designed to keep the environmental, social and economic dimensions of our business in balance in line with the triple bottom line principles: People, Planet and Profit. We are committed to ensuring that our social responsibility is a fundamental element of our business so that the decisions and actions we take enable a better, more enduring world for present and future generations. Our sustainability strategy is central to this objective. Our team has committed to empowering a sustainable world by acting with integrity in every aspect of our business practices. That’s why we have developed a framework to guide the organisation. Included in the framework are measures supporting our Make it Count initiatives, an annual program to reward bright stars in the industry. At the end of each financial year, we aim to give back to the bookkeeping and accounting industry by donating a Qualification and a Skill Set to two bright stars that are pursuing a professional career but perhaps encountering financial or resource barriers. Education sponsored by My CPE! Keep an eye out for this campaign so you can nominate a worthy recipient or two.

Recognition of Educational Excellence

My CPE has a Recognition of Educational Excellence program in place to acknowledge high educational achievements annually. An eligible candidate will receive their Recognition of Educational Excellence award based on the following criteria: Completion of at least 90 CPE Hours or more during the training year, not including CPE completed external to My CPE; and Achieve an annual average score over the training year of greater than 85%.
Acknowledgement of this recognition will be published on the My CPE website, and the recipient will be awarded FREE membership to My CPE for one year (1). Awards cannot be redeemed for cash, vouchers or other forms of payment. The training year commences on 01 January each year and ends on 31 December that year. Eligible members are identified after 31 December each year and the winning recipient can expect to receive notification of their achievement within 30 days. If you have any questions about the Recognition of Educational Excellence program, please contact our Student Support Team.

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