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Specific to professional bookkeepers.

A skills assessment is a method used to measure an individual’s skills and knowledge.  Skills assessment results help us determine who knows what and identifies gaps where training may be needed to maximise the development and potential of the individual. Skills gaps can be filled by participating in CPE!

A Skills Assessment can be used as the basis for determining appropriate CPE for an individual. Addressing gaps in an individual’s skills and knowledge helps the organisation but also prepares workers to better meet the demands of their role, keep up with industry changes and meet their compliance obligations.

We apply a simple four-step process to deliver our Skills Assessments. Determine the purpose, set the skills to be measured, gather the results and present an informed recommendation.
Our CPE report prioritises an individual’s training needs and maximises the CPE investment.

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Skills Assessment

What Our Students Have to Say

I have really appreciated Sonya and her team at My CPE’s dedication in assisting me through my Diploma of Payroll Services qualification.

The quality of the learning material and the ease with which it can be accessed is exemplary. It's refreshing to be able to contact the trainer and receive a timely response!

To be able to participate in online sessions where I can see and converse with the trainer as well as other students are next-level service which has kept this often erstwhile student who can get very busy and distracted with ‘life’ continuing on.
VJ Boland
Student, Toowoomba, QLD
I would like to thank My CPE for helping me do my training in Payroll & HR.

I commenced the Diploma on Payroll Services under another organisation that I felt was below par. Per say I did not finish it.

My CPE are fantastic. The course is easy to follow and if you get stuck the trainers are there for you. The details given are extensive and the extra’s to help you research are number 1. I would fully recommend My CPE for anything to do with Payroll and HR. I look forward to the next lot of training with them in the future.
Kathy-Maree Bartle (JP)
Books Alive Bookkeeping, Central Coast, NSW
I have just completed the Managing Family and Domestic Violence Leave course.

I will so much recommend this to all of my colleagues; it is really comprehensive and answered all of my questions, and with the condensed information sheets at the end to download, it will be so easy for me deal with this situation should it arise (hopefully never) with one of my clients’ employees in the future.

I will be letting all of my Employer Client’s know that I have done it and that I am available to assist at any time, another qualification to add to my skill set to attract new clients!

I am so glad I took the time to do it!
Jane McNeil
JACAT Business Solutions
As a first time student wanting to launch a new career in finance and bookkeeping, I have found the My CPE course material to be highly engaging, thought-provoking and carefully constructed. Understanding the importance of compliance and accountability has been at the forefront for my learning which is invaluable in a complex and evolving industry.

The support and targeted additional training has enabled me to challenge my thought processes and allowed me to adapt my learning style in a nurturing environment, allowing the opportunity to always ask ‘but why?’ From an introductory aspect, the course has been explanatory, thorough and easy to understand.

My experience has been very positive, my trainer has been exceptional and I would absolutely recommend My CPE to anyone wanting to join this challenging industry.
Bhree Kemp
Student, Bribie Island, QLD
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