FNSSS00013 Business Ethics and Conduct Skill Set

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Course Code: FNSSS00013 Business Ethics and Conduct Skill Set
National recognition: Yes
Units: 2 in total
Level: Diploma
Delivery: Online
Start anytime: Yes
Self-paced: Yes
Duration: 3 Months / 70 hours
Fee: $850.00
Payment plan: No
RPL Options: Yes
CPE Hours: 12

The Business Ethics and Conduct Skill Set is designed for workers in a variety of industries who apply ethical frameworks and principles in order to make and act on decisions in their workplace. Ethical principles and values not only aid compliance with regulators but also help build stronger relationships with clients and colleagues, allow us to manage challenges, issues and conflicts of interest and be confident when making complex decisions.

An ideal program for both current and future practitioners, as individuals working in the financial service industry have an obligation to comply with the highest ethical standards, relevant legal principles and codes of professional conduct.

The Skill Set is an excellent CPE opportunity for registered practitioners providing professional services. CPE we are sure complies with the Tax Practitioners Board CPE policy!

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TPB compliant education!

The Code of Professional Conduct (Code) regulates the personal and professional conduct of registered Agents. The provisions are contained in section 30-10 of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA). Business ethics and conduct are an integral compliance obligation.

The Skill Set presents an excellent opportunity for registered Agents to ensure compliance with the Code. 

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