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My CPE is proudly the Bookkeeper and Practitioner's source of quality, affordable and industry-specific education. We specialise in both formal and informal education, from qualifications to Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

A qualification is a certification awarded that recognises the successful completion of a nationally recognised training program.  A qualification contains a selection of individual units of competency, an example being  the Diploma of Payroll Services, which contains eleven units of competency.

A Skill Set is a shorter program consisting of two or more units of competency, such as the Payroll Administrator Skill Set. This particular Skill Set contains only the five core units from the Diploma of Payroll Services. A Statement of Attainment is awarded on successful completion of a Skill Set.

If you’re keen to study a specific subject without undertaking a full program, enrol in an individual unit of competency with My CPE. Individual units are an excellent CPE activity. Candidates who successfully complete an individual unit/s are awarded a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

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CBSSA101-Skills Group: Labour Hire Licencing

Consumer and Business Services South Australia administers licensing within the Labour Hire Industry in SA. It is a requirement when applying for a Licence that an applicant meets one of the approved ‘Knowledge and Experience’ pathways, with the most common option being successful completion of the following two units of competency:

1. BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures
2. BSBHRM528 Coordinate remuneration and employee benefits.

Enrolment Term: 6 months
Mode of Delivery: Online
Fee: $995.00
Note: To complete this skills group students are required to identify and consult with stakeholders in the development of remuneration and employee benefit strategies and plans.

My CPE is proudly recommended by the Government of South Australia to deliver these two units required for Labour Hire Licencing.

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An individual unit of competence allows you to study a specific subject without undertaking a full program. Individual units deliver excellent learning outcomes and make a great CPE activity. Learners who successfully complete an individual unit/s are awarded a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

There are many ways for practitioners to earn their CPE hours and develop their skills and knowledge. Individual units of competence offer an excellent CPE outcome. My CPE deliver a selection of individual unit relating to business and finance. Browse through the list and enrol in a unit of competence, or a group of units today.

Individual units or a Skills Group are a great way to gain a skill or a group of skills without completing a whole qualification.

Are you looking to gain formal skills in a particular subject? Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a course to suit YOU!

Individual units

BSBHRM528 Coordinate remuneration and employee benefits

This unit is forms part of the educational requirements for Labour Hire licencing in South Australia. The successful completion of this unit and BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures is accepted by the SA Government as meeting the education requirements for Labour Hire licencing.

Note: Individuals who are aiming to complete both units should enrol in: CBSSA101-Skills Group: Labour Hire Licencing.

BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures

My CPE is proud to deliver this course which is approved by the QBCC as meeting the managerial qualification for certain licences such as the Contractor Licence.
The successful completion of this course is accepted as evidence by the QBCC that the participant meets the business and building knowledge requirements to be licensed as a subcontractor.

This unit is also part of the educational requirements for Labour Hire licencing in South Australia.

BSBCMM412 – Lead difficult conversations

BSBCMM511 – Communicate with influence

BSBCRT511 – Develop critical thinking in others

BSBCRT512 – Originate and develop concepts

BSBCUS301 – Deliver and monitor a service to customers

BSBCUS402 – Address customer needs

BSBCUS403 – Implement customer service standards

BSBFIA401 – Prepare financial reports

BSBHRM526 – Manage payroll

BSBHRM527 -Coordinate human resource functions and processes

BSBFIN501 – Manage budgets and financial plans

BSBFIN502- Manage financial compliance

BSBHRM528 – Coordinate remuneration and employee benefits

BSBHRM529 – Coordinate separation and termination processes

BSBHRM522 – Manage employee and industrial relations

BSBHRM524 – Coordinate workforce plan implementation

BSBHRM531 – Coordinate health and wellness programs

BSBITU306 – Design and produce business documents

BSBITU402 – Develop and use complex spreadsheets

BSBLDR413 – Lead effective workplace relationships

BSBLDR521 – Lead the development of diverse workforces

BSBLDR522 – Manage people performance

BSBLDR523 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

BSBMGT403- Implement continuous improvement

BSBMGT516 – Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBOPS501 – Manage business resources

BSBOPS502 – Manage business operational plans

BSBOPS503 – Develop administrative systems

BSBOPS504 – Manage business risk

BSBOPS505 – Manage organisational customer service

BSBPEF501 – Manage personal and professional development

BSBPEF502 – Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBREL402 – Build client relationships and business networks

BSBSTR502 – Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBSTR503 – Develop organisational policy

BSBSUS511 – Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

BSBTEC402 – Design and produce complex spreadsheets

BSBTWK501 – Lead diversity and inclusion

BSBTWK502 – Manage team effectiveness

BSBTWK503 – Manage meetings

BSBWHS432X – Contribute to organisational mental health response in the context of disruptive events

Interested in any of the above units? Send us a message.

FNSACC321 – Process financial transactions and extract interim reports

FNSACC322 – Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers

FNSACC323 – Perform financial calculations

FNSACC405 – Maintain inventory records

FNSACC407 – Produce job costing information

FNSACC418 – Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry

FNSACC411 – Process business tax requirements

FNSACC412 – Prepare operational budgets

FNSACC413 – Make decisions in a legal context

FNSACC414 – Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities

FNSACC426 – Set up and operate computerised accounting systems

FNSACC505 – Establish and maintain accounting information systems

FNSACC511 – Provide financial and business performance information

FNSACC512 – Prepare tax documentation for individuals

FNSACC513 – Manage budgets and forecasts

FNSACC514 – Prepare financial reports for corporate entities

FNSACC516 – Implement and maintain internal control procedures

FNSACC517 – Provide management accounting information

FNSINC411 – Conduct work according to professional practices in the financial services industry

FNSPAY511- Process salary packaging arrangements and additional allowances in payroll

FNSPAY512- Process superannuation payments in payroll

FNSPAY513- Process complex employee terminations in payroll

FNSPAY514- Interpret and apply knowledge of industrial regulations relevant to payroll

FNSPAY515- Interpret and apply knowledge of taxation systems relevant to payroll

FNSTPB411- Complete business activity and installment activity statements

FNSTPB412- Establish and maintain payroll systems

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What Our Students Have to Say

“I have recently undertaken two courses with My CPE that were required by the TPB as part of my application to register as a BAS Agent.

The My CPE trainer’s support was brilliant, always quick and clear in the response to my queries which made the process much easier than I had anticipated, Thank you.”

I was looking to refresh my skills in Payroll and to get my Diploma in Payroll. From the moment of enrolling my assessor and trainer have been extremely helpful, having a weekly meetup has kept me on track with my units and assessments.

The professionalism, support and passion for encouraging those learning has been a stand out quality of My CPE. I now have full confidence in the knowledge and compliance in Payroll and highly recommend the team at My CPE.

My CPE  - Employment Termination Payments was a great course for me to learn an area of payroll that I do not come across often with my clients work.

In a busy world doing a self-paced, online course was ideal.  The material was easily accessible, and although ETP’s can be complicated I feel like a gained knowledge and case study experience, building resources and gaining confidence researching legislation and compliance.

I highly recommend continual education and learning - My CPE package it up wonderfully for a busy BAS Agent like myself and I am enrolled and doing more with them.

As a first time student wanting to launch a new career in finance and bookkeeping, I have found the My CPE course material to be highly engaging, thought-provoking and carefully constructed.

Understanding the importance of compliance and accountability has been at the forefront for my learning which is invaluable in a complex and evolving industry. The support and targeted additional training has enabled me to challenge my thought processes and allowed me to adapt my learning style in a nurturing environment, allowing the opportunity to always ask ‘but why?’

From an introductory aspect, the course has been explanatory, thorough and easy to understand. My experience has been very positive, my trainer has been exceptional and I would absolutely recommend My CPE to anyone wanting to join this challenging industry.

I have just completed the Managing Family and Domestic Violence Leave course.

I will so much recommend this to all of my colleagues, it is really comprehensive and answered all of my questions, and with the condensed information sheets at the end to download, it will be so easy for me to deal with this situation should it arise (hopefully never) with one of my client’s employees in the future.

I will be letting all of my Employer Clients know that I have done it and that I am available to assist at any time, another qualification to add to my skill set to attract new clients! I am so glad I took the time to do it! Thank you so much!

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