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What Our Students Have to Say

“I have recently undertaken two courses with My CPE that were required by the TPB as part of my application to register as a BAS Agent. The My CPE trainer’s support was brilliant, always quick and clear in the response to my queries which made the process much easier than I had anticipated, Thank you.”
I was looking to refresh my skills in Payroll and to get my Diploma in Payroll. From the moment of enrolling my assessor and trainer have been extremely helpful, having a weekly meetup has kept me on track with my units and assessments. The professionalism, support and passion for encouraging those learning has been a stand out quality of My CPE. I now have full confidence in the knowledge and compliance in Payroll and highly recommend the team at My CPE.

My CPE  - Employment Termination Payments was a great course for me to learn an area of payroll that I do not come across often with my clients work.  In a busy world doing a self-paced, online course was ideal.  The material was easily accessible, and although ETP’s can be complicated I feel like a gained knowledge and case study experience, building resources and gaining confidence researching legislation and compliance. I highly recommend continual education and learning - My CPE package it up wonderfully for a busy BAS Agent like myself and I am enrolled and doing more with them.

As a first time student wanting to launch a new career in finance and bookkeeping, I have found the My CPE course material to be highly engaging, thought-provoking and carefully constructed. Understanding the importance of compliance and accountability has been at the forefront for my learning which is invaluable in a complex and evolving industry. The support and targeted additional training has enabled me to challenge my thought processes and allowed me to adapt my learning style in a nurturing environment, allowing the opportunity to always ask ‘but why?’ From an introductory aspect, the course has been explanatory, thorough and easy to understand. My experience has been very positive, my trainer has been exceptional and I would absolutely recommend My CPE to anyone wanting to join this challenging industry.
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