CPE for NDIS Plan Managers

One of the requirements for NDIS Plan Managers is to maintain membership of a registered professional association such as the Australian Bookkeepers Association.

The annual program for NDIS Planner Managers offers 30 hours of approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) per annum. The program is designed specifically for NDIS plan managers and we think you will love it.

To meet the ongoing membership of a recognised professional association, members need to complete 90 hours of CPE over a three year period, with a minimum of 30 per year. Of this, 75% must be structured CPE which equates to 22.5 hours. The remaining 25% can be unstructured thus 7.5 hours per annum can relate to technical reading, such as our monthly Technical Bulletin. Of the range of CPE to complete, 10% can relate to health and wellbeing activities.

With the program My CPE offers, you have covered all basis. Members receive one CPE activity per month, over the duration of the 12-month subscription, and access to our monthly technical bulletin. This equates to 22.5 hours of structured CPE, and 7.5 unstructured CPE, which meets the requirements of the recognised professional associations.

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