Learner Enrolment and Completion

At My CPE, our approach to enrolment and induction is to provide a pathway for learners to make informed decisions about their training and assessment and enter a training pathway that is right for the learner and their current or future employer.

Identifying Learner Needs

We strive to identify a learner’s needs during the enrolment process to ensure that our services to each individual learner are appropriately adjusted to allow for their unique requirements.

To achieve this, we will: 

  • Provide persons making an enquiry with accurate and ethical marketing and pre-enrolment information that enables them to make confident and suitable decisions about selected training programs;
  • Conduct a one-on-one enrolment interview either face-to-face or over the telephone to individually assess the person’s needs and circumstances and provide them with information about their rights and obligations;
  • Provide information about special requirements for their desired training program and pathways to obtain these;
  • Provide information about the occupational outcomes produced by their selected program and discuss how these align with their occupational goals and aspirations;
  • Validate that applicants meet the entry requirements for their selected program to ensure that they have the greatest opportunity for success and completing the course;
  • Determine if the applicant has the required access to information technology, including modern computer systems and access to the internet if applicable;
  • Determine that the applicant has any need for reasonable adjustment at the point of enrolment to allow training programs to be suitably adjusted;
  • Ensure there are no unnecessary barriers for persons to participate in the training program of their choice; 
  • Provide comprehensive administrative support that allows the applicant to complete enrolment efficiently and commence training at an agreed time and place; and
  • Inform applicants about alternate pathways to training, such as credit transfer or current competency, or recognition of prior learning.
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