Schedule of Fees and Charges

My CPE Pty Ltd, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider 45717

My CPE Pty Ltd charges fees for services provided to students undertaking a course of study. These fees are for items such as course materials, administrative support, student services and training and assessment services. The organisation operates in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

When and how do I pay?

Under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, we will NOT accept more than $1,500.00 payment in ADVANCE for individual students. Schedules will be set up for the remaining payments to be made. Access to our e-Learning portal or materials or workshops will NOT be provided until the initial payment is received. Fees are payable when a learner has received a confirmation of enrolment. The initial fee payment must be made prior to commencing training or within five days of receiving an invoice from My CPE. My CPE may discontinue training if fees are not paid in accordance with the agreed fee schedule. The current fees and charges for My CPE are published within the current schedule of fees and charges.

Organisations may engage our services based on a prior arrangement by signing an MOU; in this instance, participants will be provided access as soon as enrolment forms are completed. Full fees will be charged to the organisation post-enrolment/event. All invoices are 21 days terms. If you require extensions or fee splits, please contact the CEO with a written request.

All fees charged for full qualifications are based on a one-year enrolment term. All course fees will be listed on the enrolment link and will vary according to the mode of delivery and level of qualification.

We may cancel enrolment or discontinue training if fees are not paid as required. Payment methods include direct deposit, cheque or credit card via Pay Pal. 

Can I get a refund?

  • Yes – If you give notice to cancel your enrolment ten business days or more prior to the commencement of a program, you will be entitled to a full (100%) refund of your fees paid. 
  • If you give notice to cancel your enrolment nine business days or less prior to the commencement of a program, you will be entitled to a 75% refund of fees paid. The amount retained (25%) by My CPE Pty Ltd is required to cover the costs of staff and resources, which will have already been committed based on your initial intention to undertake the training.
  • If you give notice to cancel your enrolment after a training program has commenced, you will not be entitled to a refund of fees. Discretion may be exercised by the Chief Executive if there is an extenuating or significant personal circumstance that led to your withdrawal.
  • The Refund Request Form must be completed in circumstances where a refund is sought.
  • Where refunds are approved, the refund payment will be paid to the learner within 14 days from the time the learner gave written notice to cancel their enrolment. Tuition refunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the learner on the Refund Request Form.
  • Where a learner has purchased a text or training workbook and then subsequently cancels, My CPE will not refund monies for the text or training workbooks.

Who is responsible for training quality and issuing you your certificate?

My CPE Pty Ltd, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider 45717, is responsible under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 for the quality of the training and assessment being delivered in this course and for the issuance of all AQF certificates. An AQF certificate is a Qualification Certificate or a Statement of Attainment that may be issued if you achieve the outcomes of the course. We do not outsource our training services to others and take great pride in our relationship with you.

Our guarantee to you!

If for any reason, My CPE is unable to fulfil its service agreement with a learner, My CPE must issue a full refund for any services not provided. The basis for determining “services not provided” is to be based on the units of competency completed by the learner and which can be issued in a statement of attainment at the time the service is terminated.

How do I get a refund?

To obtain a refund, you are required to give written notice to cancel your enrolment and complete a Refund Request Form which can be obtained by contacting us by phone and requesting a copy. Written notice may be in the form of an email or letter. Where refunds are approved, the refund payment will be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by you. This payment will be made within 14 days from the time you gave written notice to cancel your enrolment.

Are my fees protected in case I need a refund?

Yes, My CPE Pty Ltd has a responsibility to limit the collection of fees paid by students, to minimise the amount paid in advance at any time. To meet this requirement, My CPE Pty Ltd cannot request a prospective or current student to prepay fees of more than a total of $1,500 (being the threshold prepaid fee amount). This means fees paid prior to the commencement of a course or during the delivery of the course. If for any reason, My CPE Pty Ltd needs to cancel the course, your total liability is limited to $1,500 at the most. It is a smart way to protect students as a consumer. 

This requirement only applies when the payment for the fees is being made directly by an individual consumer that falls under the protection of Australian Consumer Law. By this, we generally mean the learner or the learner’s family member. 

This requirement is not applicable where the fees are being paid by the learner’s employer or funding authority. This is a business-to-business transaction and does not require the limiting of fees paid in advance. Also, if fees are being charged in arrears of the services being delivered (at the end), then the need to limit the amount of fees does not apply. It only applies where fees are being sought in advance of the services being delivered. 

Am I protected under Australian Consumer Law?

Yes, as a student undertaking a vocational education and training course, you are protected under Australian Consumer Law and under state and territory consumer protection laws. These protections include areas such as unfair contract terms, consumer guarantees, a statutory cooling-off period, and unscrupulous sales practices. You can find out more information about your rights as a consumer from the Australian Consumer Law website, which includes a range of helpful guides relating to specific areas of protection. Visit the following site for more information: Australian Consumer Law.

Do I pay GST on my tuition fees?

No – Where a learner is enrolled in a course which is offering units of competency or a whole qualification, the course fees attached to this enrolment will be exempt from the payment of GST. These fees are GST exempt under legislation: A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999, SECTION 38-85 Education courses. The ruling explains the supply of a course for ‘professional or trade course’ is a GST-free education course.

GST does apply on the payment of some miscellaneous charges where these charges are in addition to and outside the normal services offered in a course. Please refer to My CPE schedule of fees and charges for details of what GST is and is not applied to.

Payment plans

Payment plans are available to assist learners in spreading the cost of a course using smaller regular payments where courses exceed the value of $1,500.00. These would be established through your nominated bank via a direct debit agreement. As an example, the FNS50222 Diploma of Accounting course could be undertaken using a payment of $1,500.00 upfront, a second payment of $1,500.00 mid-term and a final payment of $1,750.00. 

Please let us know when submitting your enrolment application if you are interested in establishing an interest-free payment plan.

Changes to terms and conditions

My CPE Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend the conditions of the student’s enrolment at any time. If amendments are made that affect the student’s enrolment, the student will be informed seven days prior to changes taking effect. Students will then have 28 days to submit an appeal from the date they were informed of the decision. Further information about appealing a decision is contained in the Learner Handbook.

Miscellaneous charges

My CPE will levy some miscellaneous charges for services. These may include:

  • Re-issuing a certificate after it has been initially issued to a learner.
  • Replacing issued learning materials that the learner has lost or damaged.
  • Re-assessment services.
  • Cancellation fees.
  • Course extension.
  • Photocopy fee.
  • Other fees – Cost associated to compliance with the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) policy on education where the regulator’s requirements must be met.

These miscellaneous charges are to be clearly specified in My CPE Schedule of Fees and Charges. It is to be made clear if these services will include GST. All miscellaneous charges are to be based on a cost recovery basis and are not intended to be a source of profit. 

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