Complaints and Appeals

Complaint Handling Policy

My CPE is committed to providing a fair and transparent complaint-handling process.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is generally negative feedback about services or people which has not been resolved locally.

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to and may involve issues concerning the conduct of:

  • My CPE as an organisation, its trainers, assessors or other staff;
  • Third-party services provided on behalf of My CPE, its trainers, assessors or other staff; or
  • A learner of My CPE.

This is an important point to note in understanding that this policy has a broad application and is not simply relevant to complaints that may be made by learners. A complaint may be made by an employer about MY CPE or by the trainer about the conduct of the learner. Throughout this policy, we refer to the person making a complaint as simply the complainant.

Early Resolution of Complaints

In all cases, issues that arise during training and assessment that are the source of frustration or are in dispute should be resolved at the time they occur between the persons involved. It is often the case that complaints can be avoided by proper communication and respect between the persons involved.

Relationship to Continuous Improvement

Frequently, the complaints handling process will explore weaknesses in the training and assessment or administrative system that can flow into the continuous improvement system as opportunities for improvement. This outcome of complaint handling is very positive and should be actively applied by all persons involved. It is for this reason that complaints received from stakeholders should be seen in a positive light and as opportunities for improvement.

Making a Complaint

A complaint may be received by My CPE in any form and does not need to be formally documented by the complainant in order to be acted on. Complaints may be made by any person. 

The complaints policy must be publicly available. This means that the complaints policy and procedure must be published on the MY CPE website.

To make a complaint, the person is recommended to complete the My CPE – Complaint Form. This form is available via our website or can be obtained from the My CPE office.

The completed complaint form is to be submitted to the Office Manager either in hard copy or electronically via the following contact details:


If a complainant has any difficulty assessing the required form or submitting the complaint to My CPE, they are advised to contact My CPE immediately at the following phone number:

Phone Number: 1300 069 273

A written record of all complaints is to be kept by My CPE, including all details of lodgment, response and resolution. The complaints register within the student management system is to be used to record the details of the complaint and to maintain a chronological journal of events during the complaint-handling process. Records relating to complaints handling must be stored securely to prevent access to unauthorised personnel. 

The complaint is referred to the CEO, whereby the CEO reviews the complaint and determines if an investigation or consultation is required; or if the matter can be solved internally. 

Complaints are to be handled in the strictest confidence. My CPE representatives are not permitted to disclose information to any person without the permission of the My CPE CEO. A decision to release information to third parties can only be made after the complainant has given permission for this to occur. This permission should be given using the Information Release Form.

Communicating the Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure

The complaints handling policy must be:

  • Publicly available on the My CPE Website.
  • Integrated into the My CPE Learner Handbook.
  • Included in the My CPE Policy and Procedures.

Complaint Handling Timeframe

  • Written acknowledgement by My CPE no later than 24 hours from the time the complaint is received. This acknowledgement is intended to provide the complainant assurance that My CPE has received the complaint and will review the relevant issues and provide a response as soon as practical. The acknowledgement must inform the person that they will receive a written response.
  • The handling of a complaint is to commence within seven (7) working days of the lodgment of the complaint, and all reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.
  • A written response must be provided to the complainant within fourteen (14) working days of the lodgment of the complaint.
  • As a benchmark, My CPE should attempt to resolve complaints as soon as possible. A timeframe to resolve a complaint within thirty (30) calendar days is considered acceptable and in the best interest of My CPE and the complainant.  
  • A complainant should also be provided with regular updates to inform them of the process of the complaint handling. Updates should be provided to the complainant at a minimum of two (2) weekly intervals.
  • Complaints must be resolved to a final outcome within sixty (60) calendar days of the complaint being initially received. Where My CPE Chief Executive Officer considers that more than 60 calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint, the CEO must inform the complainant in writing, including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required. 
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