Learner Support Services

Learner Support Services

During the enrolment process, MY CPE personnel will engage with prospective learners in a number of ways in order to understand their individual needs and how we can best provide services to each learner in order to maximise their chances of successfully completing the selected training program. We engage with learners in the following ways:

  • First Point of Contact. During the first point of contact, the learner will be engaged either over the phone or in person to determine their training requirements and their vocational goal. This information will be used to align the learner with a particular program that we offer or to refer the learner to a different training organisation. Following the first point of contact, the learner will be sent an enrolment package which includes the enrolment form to gather personal information about the learner.
  • Enrolment form. The Enrolment form includes specific questions for the learner regarding to their cultural and educational background. The Enrolment form also includes questions relating to their spoken English ability and their skill in literacy and numeracy. There is also a specific question that asks the learner if they have any individual needs that may prevent their full participation in the training program. This information is gathered and considered during the enrolment interview.
  • Enrolment interview. Once the enrolment form is received, MY CPE personnel will review the information and arrange to engage with the learner to undertake the enrolment interview. This interview may be undertaken over the phone or face to face and is supported by an enrolment interview, which provides specific points for discussion during the interview relating to individual needs, LLN, rights and obligations, recognition opportunities, et cetera.

This multipoint approach ensures that learners entering a training program with MY CPE will have their individual needs identified, which enables the allocation and arrangement of the applicable support services, which may be supplied internally or by an external provider.

If support services are identified, the following is a guide to support that can and should be provided:

Individual need

Support Service

Pre-enrolment support to understand rights and obligations, fees and payment arrangements, and the services to be provided.

Learners requiring additional support to understand the pre-enrolment information requirements are to be engaged in additional one-on-one sessions to talk the learner through the information contained within the learner handbook, the applicable course brochure and the schedule of fees and charges. It is preferable if these sessions are conducted face-to-face.

Minor LLN need that would inhibit the participation.

Allocate an additional trainer to provide individual support during learning activities and reasonable adjustment during assessment activities. This support must be coordinated through the Training Manager to ensure a suitable allocation of trainers is available. Scheduled training during a weekday only.

The course structure may be altered to accommodate the learner.

Significant LLN need that would prevent participation and completion of the course.

Individuals who are seeking help with their literacy and numeracy can be directed to access information about the nearest LLN provider by calling the Reading Writing Hotline: 1300 655 506.

Alternatively, refer the learner to TAFE to complete a course in Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

Recognised difficulties in studying and learning.

Where appropriate to the program, learners identified with recognised difficulties in studying and learning are to be scheduled with additional one-on-one support sessions at regular intervals throughout the course program. These support sessions are to be used to review the learning content with the learner and to engage the learner in discussion about the subject matter. These sessions should be structured in accordance with the planned learning applicable to the course program. The study sessions should direct learners back to the course reference material in order to encourage their individual self-paced effort.

The following online resources are also useful for providing learner support to study:

Effective Study skills
A useful quick overview of study skills.

How to Study
A large directory to study skills websites, including how to study in specific subject areas.

Study Guides and Strategies
A wide-ranging overview of the skills needed at all stages of learner life.

Study Skills Self-Help
Covers important skills such as time management, note-taking and exam preparation.

Work hours are restrictive which would prevent the learner attending training during Monday to Friday.

Courses are offered online, which allows for greater flexibility as learners are able to study when and where they choose.

In the event virtual or classroom sessions are planned, a weekend session may be scheduled to accommodate the availability of the learner. The learner can also attend split sessions to allow for participation. Where required, learners can also be supported to adopt a self-paced study method with scheduled support sessions to assist the learner in progressing in the course program whilst considering their restricted availability.

English as a second language.

The course structure may be altered to accommodate learner needs (split sessions so not consecutive, more time to study and more individual attention from our trainers).

Financial difficulties that prevent the full payment of fees in advance.

Offer fees on a payment plan, for example, a small initial payment to be made in advance, then small fortnightly payments as a direct debit.

Learner suffers from a nervous/anxiety disorder.

We can accommodate by giving individual attention away from others involved in the training program. Training and assessment deliberately offered in a relaxed mode without time pressures.

Learner requires counselling support and advice about their personal situation.

Learners may be referred to:

Alcohol & Drug Foundation Queensland


Beyond Blue


Language Literacy and Numeracy Provider

Salvation Army Family Welfare Centres

CatholicCare, Family Support Service

Learners with a disability or medical condition.

All possible allowances may be provided to persons with disabilities.

Assessors are to use their judgement in assessing the learner’s ability to perform tasks in a safe manner.

Learners with visual impairment.

Learners with visual impairments can be supported by supplying internal learning resources with a larger printed font.

Learners can also be supplied with audio recordings of learning sessions where appropriate.

Learners who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Refer to ATSI Cultural Awareness Policy.

Cost of Support.

From time to time, a learner may require access to support services that are not available from My CPE. In this instance, where training has not commenced, and the learner has fully disclosed their support needs at enrolment, then My CPE may agree to a refund of fees and/or transfer the learner to another suitable course. If the other course costs more than the original course, then the learner will be required to pay the difference.

If a learner requires other support, such as access to assistive technology, then that support will be charged by the relevant service provider. My CPE will liaise with the learner when developing their support plan to ensure that they agree with the cost before proceeding.

Other individual needs can be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer. Please contact My CPE on 1300 069 273 for support.

Email hello@mycpe.com.au to access support and assistance during your training with My CPE.

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