Fees and Refunds

Fees payable

My CPE Pty Ltd charges fees for services provided to students undertaking a course of study. These fees are for items such as course materials, administrative support, student services and training and assessment services. We reserve the right to modify the Schedule of Fees and Charges periodically. Changes will be communicated on our website.

Fees are payable when a learner has received a confirmation of enrolment. The initial fee payment must be made prior to commencing training or within five days of receiving an invoice from My CPE. My CPE may discontinue training if fees are not paid in accordance with the agreed fee schedule. The current fees and charges for My CPE are published within the current Schedule of Fees and Charges and listed against each program on the website.

Replacement of text and training workbooks

Learners who require the replacement of issued text or training workbooks will be liable for additional charges to cover the cost of replacement. Where a learner has purchased a text or training workbook and subsequently cancels his or her enrolment, My CPE will not refund monies for the text unless a written request for a refund is received and we are satisfied that the text is in as-new condition. For a full list of replacement charges, please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Giving notice of enrolment cancellation

A learner who wishes to cancel their enrolment must give notice in writing. This may be via email or letter. My CPE staff who are approached with initial notice of cancellation are to ensure the learner understands their rights with regards to the refunding of tuition fees. The learner is also to be advised of other options, such as suspending the enrolment and re-commencing another scheduled training program.

Learners who give written notice to cancel their enrolment and who are eligible for a refund are to be provided with a Refund Request Form. Learners who may not be eligible but are requesting a refund should also be provided with the Refund Request Form so the request can be properly considered by the Chief Executive Officer.

Refund policy

The following refund policy will apply:

  • Learners, who give notice to cancel their enrolment ten business days or more prior to the commencement of a program, will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid.
  • Learners who give notice to cancel their enrolment nine business days or less prior to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a 75% refund of fees paid. The amount retained (25%) by My CPE is required to cover the costs of staff and resources, which will have already been committed based on the learner’s initial intention to undertake the training.
  • Learners who cancel their enrolment after a training program has commenced will not be entitled to a refund of fees of any fees paid in advance. An exception to this policy is where My CPE fails to fulfil its service agreement, and fees are refunded under our guarantee to clients.

Discretion may be exercised by the Chief Executive Officer in all situations if the learner can demonstrate that extenuating or significant personal circumstances led to their withdrawal. In these cases, the learner should be offered a full credit toward the tuition fee in another scheduled program in lieu of a refund. Chief Executive Officer may also authorise a refund of tuition fees if the circumstances require it.

Where refunds are approved, the refund will be paid to the learner within 14 days from the time the learner gave written notice to cancel their enrolment. Tuition refunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the learner on the Refund Request Form.

Statutory cooling-off period

A student undertaking a vocational education and training course has protections under the Australian Consumer Law and under state and territory consumer protection laws. These protections include areas such as unfair contract terms, consumer guarantees, a statutory cooling-off period, and unscrupulous sales practices. Refer to our policy on the Statutory cooling-off period on the Fees and Refunds section of our website.

My CPE inform prospective learners of their rights within the learner handbook. For refund options in other circumstances, learners and staff must refer to the refund policy.

You can find out more information about your rights as a consumer from the Australian Consumer Law website, which includes a range of helpful guides relating to specific areas of protection. Visit the following site for more information: Australian Consumer Law.

Our guarantee to clients

If for any reason, My CPE is unable to fulfil its service agreement with a learner, My CPE must issue a full refund for any services not provided. The basis for determining “services not provided” is to be based on the units of competency completed by the learner and which can be issued in a statement of attainment at the time the service is terminated.

Limiting fees being paid in advance

My CPE acknowledges that it has a responsibility under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations to limit the fees paid by learners in advance of their training and assessment services being delivered. To meet our responsibilities, My CPE may not accept payments in advance of services being delivered exceeding $1,500 from each learner at any time. This means not prior to the course commencing or during the learner’s enrolment. Following the course commencement, My CPE may require payments of additional fees in scheduled payments in advance from the learner, but only such that at any given time, the amount required to be paid in advance is consistent with the portion of training being delivered.

This requirement only applies when the payment for the fees is being made directly by an individual consumer that falls under the protection of Australian Consumer Law. By this, we generally mean the learner or the learner’s family member.

This requirement is not applicable where the fees are being paid by the learner’s employer or funding authority. This is a business-to-business transaction and does not require the limiting of fees paid in advance. Also, if fees are being charged in arrears of the services being delivered (at the end), then the need to limit the amount of fees does not apply. It only applies where fees are being sought in advance of the services being delivered.

Payment of GST

Education courses and administrative services directly related to the supply of such a course are GST exempt under legislation: A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999, SECTION 38-85 Education courses. The ruling explains the supply of a course for a ‘professional or trade course’ is a GST-free education course.

ATO references:

Where a learner is enrolled in a course which is offering units of competency or a whole qualification, the course fees attached to this enrolment will be exempt from the payment of GST.  GST does apply on the payment of some miscellaneous charges where these charges are in addition to and outside the normal services offered in a course. Please refer to MY CPE Schedule of Fees and Charges for details of what GST is and is not applied to.

Miscellaneous charges

MY CPE will levy some miscellaneous charges for services. These may include:

  • Re-issuing a certificate after it has been initially issued to a learner.
  • Replacing issued learning materials that the learner has lost or damaged.
  • Re-assessment services.
  • Course extension.
  • Photocopy fee.
  • Other fees – Assessment due to the Tax Practitioner Board requirements where assessment must be sat under formal supervision to meet the Board policy.

These miscellaneous charges are clearly specified in MY CPE Schedule of Fees and Charges. It made clear if these services will include GST.

Extension terms and conditions

Extension requests must be made in writing to the CEO prior to the maximum course completion time. A fee will be charged for each additional quarter requested beyond the original course end date as specified in the MY CPE Schedule of Fees.

My CPE are not under any legal obligation to extend a course regardless of the circumstance. Some courses cannot be deferred or extended, such as some government-subsidised courses where qualifications must be completed within certain time limits. My CPE will adhere to any government specifications regarding deferring or discontinuing subsidised training. The implication on fees may vary depending on the type of subsidy and the training program the student is enrolled in.

Queries can be directed to hello@mycpe.com.au.

Learner complaints about fees or refunds

Learners who are unsatisfied with MY CPE arrangements for the collection and refunding of tuition fees are entitled to lodge a complaint. This should occur in accordance with MY CPE complaints policy and procedure.

Schedule of Fees and Charges
Fees for each program are listed on the website. Miscellaneous fees and other charges are listed below.

Miscellaneous Charges

Re-issuing a qualification or statement of attainment after it has been initially issued to a learner.$75.00 (GST exempt)
Reissue of printed text or training workbooks – (per full course materials).$300.00 (GST exempt)
Re-assessment fee (if applicable) – A fee of $300.00 will be charged per unit for re-assessment where a learner has been deemed not yet competent on completion of training and assessment.$300.00 (GST exempt)
Re-assessment as a result of Academic Misconduct.$300.00 (GST exempt)
An extension fee per quarter (3 months) may apply for each additional quarter requested beyond the original course end date.$695.00 (GST exempt)
Subsequent transfer administration charge (from one qualification to another).$500.00 (GST exempt)
Other Fees

The Tax Practitioner Board (Board) sets specific requirements which must be adhered to when conducting assessments on certain units of competence if the outcome is to meet the Board’s education requirements for registration as a tax agent.

Where registration with the TPB is sought, assessment must reflect the conditions described by the regulator, which stipulate that a significant amount must be completed under some form of independent supervision. Where recognition of prior learning (RPL) is used, it must also meet the requirements of the Board’s policy on RPL.

Fees associated with conducting assessment may include:


Supervision of formal examination are required for certain units of competence in compliance with various regulator’s policies. My CPE encourages students to utilise venues and supervisors in their local area; however, we understand this is not always possible.

In the event My CPE provides supervisory services, a fee is payable.

$220.00 (Incl. GST)
Subsequent supervision of a formal examination will incur a fee per examination.$165.00 (Incl. GST)
Issuance of a Statement of Assurance issuance in compliance with the Tax Practitioners Board policy on RPL for certain units of competency will incur a fee.$55.00 (Incl. GST)
Special Notes:
  • Students will be offered two (2) assessment opportunities during a normal training program for each assessment event. The re-assessment fee will only apply if the student chooses to seek additional assessment opportunities after the first two (2). The re-assessment service includes individual re-training to prepare the student for the re-assessment.
  • All nationally recognised training tuition fees are exempt from the payment of GST. No GST is included. Non-Accredited Training (CPE programs) is subject to GST.

  • RPL fees are identified in the schedule Courses Fees – RPL/Assessment only and apply when a candidate seeks to be assessed for an individual unit of competency. The fee for RPL into each qualification will be advised on application (pending the number of units applying for RPL).

  • All fees must be paid in full before students will be issued any AQF Certificate relating to their achievements.
  • Students should refer to the course brochure for a detailed description of the services offered in each course.

My CPE Pty Ltd, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider 45717. The organisation operates in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

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